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I can’t change & save preferences


Can you please help me. I have been battling with an issue for weeks. While working with Jaikoz preferences something happens which removes save, cancel and reset tab options as per attached. I have gone so far as a complete fresh Windows 10 installation and reloaded Jaikoz and then setting up all the preferences. An hour later the exact same thing happened.

Hi Keith

Okay I have never seen that, please run Create Support Files from Advanced menu and email the resultant zip to to see if that gives us any clues, I will then report back on this post.

Thankyou for support files, unfortunately there is nothing in the logs to indicate an issue.

Okay you could try the following to see if an error is occurring not caught by the logging

  • Search for Cmd in Windows to get Command Prompt and start it
  • cd “C:/Program FIles/Jthink/Jaikoz”


  • Jaikoz.bat


  • When Jaikoz next goes wrong, look in the Comand Window and if you see some error output post it to me.