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How view progress status from remote device

I run Songkong from Synology DS918+ NAS (linux).

Let’s say I start Fix Songs (a large library) from PC UI and go away.
In another room I try monitor progress from mobile. I log to UI from mobile and I cannot see progress of started task.

Moreover, I am returning back to PC, wake up and I can’t see progress too.
Now, I am not able to see the progress from anywhere.

Shouldn’t be in menu something allowing me to return to the task progress page/view to either see progress, pause or stop it?

If there is a way to return to the status page after browser restart or from other remote device than please let me know.

When you go to mobile device if you try and start Fix Songs again it should take you to the progress page of the currently running Fix Songs and warn that you cannot run multiple Fix Songs, does it do that.

I tried this in first place but I got notification than only a single fix songs can run at a time.
I returned to PC where I started process, woke up PC and I couldn’t see the progress too.

Like the screenshot above, if so it is showing the progress of the first Fix Songs?

You can do the same thing on your PC, try and start another Fix Songs and it will show the progress of the already running Fix Songs

I’ve just solved issue described in another topic related to mapping and seeing folders outside docker by a simple docker reboot.

I have noticed that this solved this issue too. I can log remotely from second device and see the progress of job started on first device.

Thank you for your support to solve this problem.