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How to undo all changes SongKong apply?

I’ve use SongKong to Tag over 4 thousand of songs in my library.
When it finish i notice SongKong had move all the music that it manage to find,
The issue is that some album it split it into different folder.
How do i manage to undo all the changes that SongKong had made and how to set how SongKong dont split my album. I don’t mind SongKong to change the name of the album according to the Album title but not to move my file to everywhere on the library.

Hi, first please note none of the profiles provided by SongKong rename or move any files by default, this can only have happened because you have modified the Rename Files based on Metadata or Move Folder options, so you probably need to set these back to the defaults.

However there is an Undo Fixes task, so just select the parent folder and then run this task to undo all changes including moving files back to where they were originally. Then you can rerun Fix Songs with Rename Files based on Metadata set to No to add the metadata without renaming or moving songs.

Update, now that I have your support files I can give a more up to date answer

You have Rename files based on metadata set to Yes if matched to a release, so albums identified by SongKong are being renamed, but I see no evidence than an album is being split. After all the rename only occurs for files where the whole album is matched, do you have an example of album being split?

But also you have set Move Folder to /music, even though the files are being loaded from /music, so this is unnecessary and maybe causing a problem. I see you have already run Undo Fixes and it has not recognized any files in the /music folder, please try changing the option from originally in selected location to currently in selected location to see if that resolves it.


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I’m executing Undo Fix now and will run SongKong again once i got the info how to set the renaming portion correctly.
I don’t mind SongKong rename the Folder and Album to a better standard naming convention but just don’t move/split the song located inside the folder to other location on the library.

You need to give me an example from Report 81 of an album that is split, I can’t see one.

Here’s an example of the album been split.
You notice that an album been split into 15 title by it self and different folder.

But its not an example from Report 81, I need to see the album as processed by SongKong not how it displays in some other application because I have no context, I can’t see what it was originally like as compared to what it is like after processing.

Please take a look at the albums process in Report 81, this is the only report I have of your whereby you are processing more than one album at a time.

Hi Paul,

I’ve undo fix and the album are back into one folder.
Notice that the genre doesn’t undo from the undo fix.
I will try to just apply fix to the particular album or two and will upload the report again by tomorrow.

Hi Paul,

Ive demo on one of the album that it split the files in the album ad move to different location base on the singer/ Composer name. Ive submit the support report for task 87

Thanks okay the problem is you are using the profile Fix Songs, add artwork only profile

If using this profile then (apart from a few fields such as MusicBrainz Ids required) then no metadata is added to your files except artwork.

So for this particular album even though SongKong identifed it it didnt add the Album Artist field , and this was blank in the original file.

Then when the filename mask was applied using AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Artist - Album - Track - Title it takes the value of Artist as there is no value for Album Artist in the file, and because the Artist is different for each song in the album the album is split into different folders.

It depends on exactly what you want to do but I would think better to use a different profile that will add new data, or at least add if missing. Or you could modify the profile you are using so that it will add album artist, this would at least resolve for this particular album.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info.
Could you help to point me to the correct profile?
What i need is anything thats belong a specific album just dont split them.
Because the manual are not really explain much how to actually configure SongKong also there is not much Tutorial that provide a much understanding on how to configure the Software.
As for now that there is alot of left over files and folder that i need to manually clean up and im still 1/2 way done cleaning those orphans folders
I also notice that some files didnt revert back to its original albums even SongKong report 100% successful undo fix.

When you start a task it will use the configuration in the selected Current Profile


You had selected the Fix Songs, add artwork only profile

So if using this one, and then select Fix Songs and then go to the Format tab you can see the Never modify or add these fields option includes most files including Album Artist

So you need to modify this option so that it doesn’t include Album Artist (changes to options will be saved back to the current profile), or use a different profile in the first place.

Remember the reason album is being split is the songs don’t have an album artist field, so file renaming is using the artist field instead.