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How to tag?

I have begun the process of retagging my medium-sized music collection (c.1450 albums) to take advantage of the flexibility MinimServer offers. I should like to establish an Orchestra tag that would be editable in either mp3tag or Jaikoz (thereby leaving Artist free for soloists) but I can’t see such a field in either program With my limited knowledge of tagging I don’t know how to create one. Can anyone help?

Hi Jaikoz does already have an Orchestra field, visible by enabling in Preferences:Table:Columns, also if you enable View:Show Detail Pane it is on the Classical tab with many other Classical fields.

Hi all !
I’m asking for help. I’m trying to clean up downloaded MP3 files such that they show ID tag info (artist, album title) in iPhone music app. I’ve worked with MusicBrainz Picard and trial versions of Jaikoz and TuneUp. Tags appear to be found and applied, but the info (artist, album) never shows up once I transfer the MP3s to my iPhone.
What am I missing?