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How to songkong with the best?

I just want to use SongKong to rename my files, not put them into folders, add album art, and to add metadata for things to show up in my vehicle media centre. I just want a folder for each artist, and within that folder I would like the song file titled with only the artist - song name. The album and rather details can be in the metadata, but I want to keep the filenames clean and simple. please help, I’m pretty new and the forum has so much noise in it.

HI, okay you can do exactly what you want by setting Rename Files based on metadata on the basic tab and setting Rename Mask to Artist/Artist - Title mask as the screenshot shows.


But I should warn you that you are probably best to make a copy of your lib and just use this as an end point for your vehicle music player because once your songs are in folders organized by artist rather than artist/album its very difficult for any tagger to match your songs to the right album (remember these days songs can be found on multiple albums), and therefore to the right album art. For example as a first pass SongKong guesses that a folder represents an album. If they currently are organized by album then SongKong can match them and put them into this alternative structure, but if you needed to run it again afterwards the artist only structure would confuse.

It may be worth considering using AlbumArtristOrArtist/Album/Track Artist - Title instead

It doubled songs and mislabeled more than half of them. This program is useless.

I’m sorry I think you have misunderstood something here, if you run Create Support Files I can work out where the confusion is, but it certainly doesn’t double songs , what are you looking at to come to that conclusion ?