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How to reorganize song files into special folders on a USB stick or SIM card

I copying songs from Apple Music (Mac) from a playlist to a USB stick or SIM card for the purpose of playing these songs in my car to when there is no FM or cell coverage to use Spotify.
The problem is that the process of copying & pasting songs from the playlist to the card has no file organization. < Note: This is not a Apple Music problem to solve >

I would like to know how I can use Jaikoz to easily reorganize the songs on the USB stick or SIM card. I know it can do it, since all of these song files have been processed over the years using Jaikoz and, it successfully moved some of them to proper folders.
But, to me, this particular time seems like a special once and awhile case to reorganize in place, and do not trying to move them to my normal song file location.

There are 200 songs on the stick under a folder on the USB - In this case Jazz. and another 100 under the folder name YachtMusic. These top folder name could be any Name, Genre or better yet Playlist name.

How can Jaikoz reorganize them on this USB within that top folder as FolderName / Artist / SongTitle, without major backflips? [ of course without the space between the " / " character ]

Do I have to temporarily change my settings, or create a special settings just for this once and awhile activity?

Hi, filepath is displayed as three columns Base Folder, Sub Folder and Filename, make sure these columns are visible so you can see what is happening

Then use Action:File and Folder Correct:Change Base Folder and select your USB stick

This will then change the filepath and you can then use File:Save Changes to actually save the files.

Thanks Paul for the quick response.
For others who may read this post , –
I set the Based folder as /Volumes/MUSIC/Jazz (or instead of Jazz, you may want a playlist). “/Volumes/MUSIC” is the USB stick or SIM card.
In some cases the shift subfolder to Base folder, the Subfolder is left blank. To fix this, I tried other options, including change the default in setting. In the end, I just copied the Artist Name to the subfolder so the files go into the correct folders, without the Album name. This is fine, since this is for the Vehicle to read, I do not care about the Album.

I tried to set the defaults in settings to have the subfolder be Artist/Title - but could not get it to populate the Subfolder with this info. I assumed it would come from the metadata in the ID3v23 tags., but I may be wrong.

Maybe there is a better way, without editing the defaults.

So in Preferences:Files and Folder Correct:Rename Files From Metadata you can set the rename mask to use, so here i have set to use Artist/Title for both the Rename mask and Compilation rename mask


Then you can use Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct SubFolders from Metadata to modify the subfolder based on the rename mask and metadata, and then save the changes.