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How to point SongKong to tag Albums that SongKong cant find in MusicBrainz

I’m new to SongKong and start to correct and retag my collection with some missing data from my original Tag albums.
I notice that SongKong cant find some of the album which i manage to locate at MusicBrainz and Discogs.
How do I manage to point SongKong to manual tag on the albums that it miss?
Secondly I notice that the album that SongKong completed Tag the Genre display as numbers in my Jriver Media Center and the Year the album release are become Unknown Year.

SongKong uses a combined MusicBrainz/Discogs database index called Albunack. This is copied monthly from the actual MusicBrainz/Discogs databases, we do it this way so that we can provide an optimized/peformant and reliable database. If we were to connect to the actual MusicBrainz and Discogs databases performance would be much slower and we could not guarantee reliability of the service.

So if the releases you are you try to match have been added to MusicBrainz or Discogs quite recently they may not be in the Albunack database yet.

If however they are not recent then there maybe another reason they can not be matched, for example maybe your track lengths don’t match, to determine this I would ask you to try Fix Songs again on a particular album folder causing problem and then run Create Support Files so I can see the report and logs and determine the cause.

There is not a way in SongKong to force a match to a particular MusicBrainz/Discogs album, but that is possible with the Jaikoz tagger.

Hi Paul,

Those release are not recently some are like 5-10years old release.
I’ve try to Fix Song again and generate the exel file, I hope that’FixSongsReport00079_spreadsheet.xlsx (23.0 KB) FixSongsReport00078_spreadsheet.xlsx (64.7 KB) s is the Create Support Files you mention about.

No, there is a Create Support Files menu option this will give me full report and logs, but I have used the spreadsheet to see that the release are in the Albunack database, but also I notice they are Chinese releases, and Chinese script releases do have extra challenges that English/Latin releases do not. I think the issue is likely that in your original data you have transliteration of the title e.g A La Bo Tiao Wu Nu Lang but MusicBrainz has it in chinese script 亞拉伯跳舞女郎 and hence there is no match

Hi Paul,

Well that’s the original name from the SACD as its indeed are Transliterated as A La Bo Tiao Wu Nu Lang. I notice those SACD written in such way as i dont understand Chinese as well so i dont intent to change it back to chinese aswell.
Ok i try another album and generate the report as request.

Ok i just try on amother album which happen to have Chinese names on the files and Metadata. The SACD Release are on MusicBrainz as well. Release “似水流年” by 梅艷芳 - MusicBrainz

Received support files, had a quick look

The first attempt to match to the release complains that tracklengths dont match but I dont have the details perhaps you can check

First things existing title is TrackNo:Title so not a great match to metadata in Acoustid

Then in most cases thee is no match from the Acoustid to MusicBrainz, see there is no section Linked MusicBrainz recoridngs for this song, and the user submitted metadata is a bit of a mess.

And even when there is a link like in this one, there is only 1 source, and we filter out single sources as they are unreliable

So in summary its not very easy to match to this album, now I may be able to improve SongKong to do this but as you can see there a re a number of problems that make it difficult. For these releases you may be better off using Jaikoz because with Jaikoz you can force a match to particular MusicBrainz Release Id.

Hi Paul,

I guess to resolve this the better way it to get Jaikoz.