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How to label box sets correctly

I have been downloading the recently issued Joni Mitchell CD box sets - The Asylum and Reprise albums which I have just bought
Firstly my Melco N1Z/2EX is not great at searching for the album meta data. For some discs in the sets it recognises it as one of the new 2024 remasters box sets, with others it is just ‘the album’ with no indication of which version it is. (I have several versions).
So I have been using Song Kong to adjust the meta data to suit my needs.
I am playing via a dCS Bartok using their proprietary app - Mosaic.
I have now ended up with the only way to recognise which album is which in the library in the app is via the artwork. The album title doesn’t show anywhere and they are all just listed with for example ‘The Asylum Albums (1976-1980)’
What is the recommended filing format for box sets for viewing albums stored on a Melco and viewed via Mosaic? And where do I need to insert the album title in the data so it shows as for example: ‘Hejira - The Asylum Years (1976-1980)’ so it is clear in my library which version of that album I am choosing
One other thing…a small suggestion…would it be possible to include a pop up description when you roll the mouse over the icons in your tool bar?
Thanks for your help

Box sets are tricky, but in first instance could you use SongKong to run a Status Report over the problem albums and then run Create Support Files so I have a better understanding of what metadata you currently have set in your files.

Also, I assume you have Melco configured to use MinimServer to serve the files rather than Twonky?

I’ll do that when I have a moment. Yes running Minimserver