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How to just get Genres from the remote databases?

I have a huge (500+) The 90’s compilation where all the important metadata is correct: artist, artwork, year, album and title.

But it’s Genre is empty - i tried run an autocorrect and the result was that it found all of these spread out over different albums, some the original and some another compilation making it a big mess. biggest mess was that the year was for most set to the publish date of the compilation and not the original song, i.e. 2004-04-11 instead of 1995.

The genres was very good though and that is what brings me here.

How do I just get the genres corrected from the remote database without having to nuke all my current autocorrect settings which normally works fine ?

I was hoping for a way to select a column and say “autocorrect this column” but haven’t found a way.

any tips ?

Yo cannot correct data unless the songs have been linked to either a musicbrainz release or a discogs release. However you can define what columns to update when a match is found, but you have to do it in preferences.

So go to Preferences/Musicbrainz/AutoFormat, AutoFormat 2 and Preferences/Remote Correct/Discogs and set to not update all fields except for the genres fields.

Then run Autocorrect

Any way to save the preferences/take a backup ?

I really don’t want to manually reset the values back to what it was before…

btw. feature request:
Have a “Auto Correct (custom settings)” which would allow you to tweak these preferences (Even save them under a name) to allow one-off autocorrects like these without reset all preferences manually.

Yep, this has been requested before

You can make a copy of settings.jai before you make the changes. Then when you’re done with you interim prefs, just overwrite with the original.

I guess you could make 2 settings files and use the one you want to use, but I can see this getting cumbersome.