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How to get artists listed without THE at the start


I have several artists listed under T alphabetically as they are currently listed as The Beatles, The Who, The Doors etc…

How do I use Song Kong to get them listed under B for Beatles, W for Who, D for Doors etc for when I search for them?


So artists have name and sort name, the name is what is displayed and the sort name is used for sorting e.g Name = The Beatles SortName = Beatles, The

So first question is do these songs have both set, for an album artist you want to look for Album Artist and Sort Album Artist, the easiest way to check this is run the SongKong StatusReport on your music, and check the summary bar chart,

and you can use Browse/Browse by Album to check individual albums

If missing fix this by running Fix Songs

If they have these values then are you using MinimServer to group alphabetically ?

Have a look at but I’m not that familiar with how this works would be best to post question on the MinimServer forum