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How to download the pro licence

I must be stupid,. however I just acquired the pro version, got a nice email, however didn’t get a licence code or something… when will I get it - I hope asap

I See posts with same issue, dating back to 2015 …we are in 2023 now.I would have expected that this was resolved by now.
really annoying. I have time during weekend do stuff like this… so do not want to wait till Mo morning or so.

Hi, so an email was sent automatically to you at 12.08pm and it said

Thank you for purchasing a SongKong Music Tagger Pro License

This includes free updates to the latest version for up to a year after purchase, after that you can continue to use your existing version of SongKong or pay a small fee at any time to give another years worth of free updates from then.

SongKong itself can be downloaded from here

This is SongKong Lite, you can install your pro license using the the Update License menu option. You will be asked to enter the Email address , License Key 1 and License Key 2 as they are listed in this email and then you are ready to go

License details are as follows:


where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is your license details

So, I am unclear did you receive this email or only the email from E-Payment provider?

If not please check your spam folder, but I have just forwarded it to you again in case yo cannot find it.

If you have received then I see no problem ?

Thx. No I didn’t get the mail with the download details and license before . So your (re-) send is appreciated.

Ok, it wasn’t rejected by your email provider so probably gone into subfokder or something.