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How to display incomplete meta/missing art?


I have just purchased today coming from bliss. I am getting my head around songkong but looking for how to tell if an album is missing art/metadata? I can browse my albums but there must be an easy way to tell if an album need attention?

Many Thanks!

So within the report (Status Report or Fix Songs) yo can browse by Album Artist and quickly seem album covers missing for that artist, but there is currently no way to just easily browse all albums by all artists.

I plan to add a Browse By Album view soon that will let you quickly browse by Album for all artists , but for now I have two workarounds.

  1. From report select View Metadata as Spreadsheet , this includes an artwork column on the Basic tab, so yo can then identify missing albums.

  2. Use Jaikoz , its free (if not modifying data) and dispalys the same columns as SongKong

Also, regarding metadata in general I have toyed with displaying a percentage complete metric but not yet done.

Just a quick note to say that Browse By Album was added a few months ago, also added Browse by Artist/Album, Browse by Composer/Work and Browse by Folder