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How to Disable Dark Mode in Jaikoz 10

I can’t find any setting that allows for disabling dark mode. Perhaps I have missed it. If it doesn’t exist then that is a deal-breaker for me. I already downgraded back to version 9.30 and at the moment am regretting paying the "upgrade’ fee to version 10.

Dark mode was added to MacOS after the latest version of Jaikoz, so the current situation is simply that if you enable dark mode in MacOS then it effects Jaikoz (because based on Java) but not in a good way. There is no code on Jaikoz specifically for dark mode. Now just before Xmas I released a new version of SongKong that had support for MacOS dark mode and notarization, so i have worked out to solve the problem and this will be one of the key things I do in next update of Jaikoz.

For now the workaround is simply to revert MacOS to use lite mode. Now I know this is not ideal but it has to be said that MacOS is the only operating system that makes changes that breaks apps, no such issue with Windows or Linux.