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How to automatically update the "Content" information

I purchased a license of SongKong to go through and update the tags of my music collection to better support iTunes and my iPhone.

On first pass, SongKong did not update the “Content” fields of my songs. Specifically, I want the “Group description” and “Conductors” fields blown away as it messes up how the songs appear on my phone.

What settings do I need to change in SongKong to make these fields either update, or preferably, flat out delete all content here as I don’t need it?


The Group Description field is known as the Grouping field in SongKong
I assume Conductors is same as Conductor field

SongKong is mainly used to mass identify and tag your music collection, it doesn’t seem that it identified this particular song/album. When it doesn’t manage a match it just leaves the fields alone, rather than just deleting information that in most cases would probably be valid.

If you want an easy way to mass-delete data you might like to try my other software Jaikoz. You can remove all the metadata using Delete all Metadata

or delete all data in a particular column using Empty Column

Thanks for the information! I guess I should have done a bit of research before I purchased a license for SongKong then!