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How to add multiple cover sizes and lyrics?

I see that jaikoz will autocorrect to a higher quality cover art and keep upto a customizable number but is there a way to auto acquire multiple sizes? like a 1000x1000? and 500x500px? Biggest reason for my desire of this is that some vehicles audio systems will show cover art but only of the smaller sizes.

And less importantly, I saw feature22 (Automatic lookup of lyrics From Lyrics Fly) but cannot find how to use this anywhere in the program.

Thanks for any answers for this most excellent software.

HI, you can add multiple artwork from either the Artwork tab at the bottom, or by clicking the number next to the artwork in the main spreadsheet display.

However, this is usually for adding different type of artwork (e.g front cover, back cover or artist) not different resolutions of front cover, and Im not sure this would even work for your car. What people usually do is set the artwork options to resize the artwork so that it works with their player.

Sorry, because of copyright issues the lyrics feature is no longer in the application and was removed many years ago, and that is an old webpage that should have been removed.