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How to Add MBID Column to Table

Is the MusicBrainz ID not an option to add to the table or am i just not seeing it?

Since 4 of the 5 “song is a dupiicate” options include the MBID, I wanted to add the MBID and MB Release ID so i could see where the issue was since Jaikoz wasn’t identifying the duplicates. I found MB Release ID and added it to the table to review, but can’t seem to find MBID.

Are one of the following MB items actually just the MBID? Or is it listed as a different name?

Regardless, i have no doubt that it is “user error” so I appreciate any help.

MB Release ID
MB Recording ID
MB Artist ID
MB Release Artist ID
MB Disc ID
MB Release Group ID
MB Work ID
MB Original Release ID
MB Track ID
MusicBrainz Work Composition Id
MB Work Part ID Level 1
MB Work Part ID Level 2
MB Work Part ID Level 3
MB Work Part ID Level 4
MB Work Part ID Level 5
MB Work Part ID Level 6
MusicBrainz Work

Hi, its MB Recording ID

Perfect. Thanks for the quick response.

Now that I can see both the MB Recording ID and MB Release ID, it looks like duplicates aren’t being found because either the Recording ID or Release ID is missing. I tried the “Update Metadata from Existing MusicBrainz ID or Release ID” several times but the empty fields aren’t being auto-populated.

Is there a trick to force the missing data to be added, like copy paste the MB Release ID to all songs on the album and have Jaikoz then go and retrieve the rest of the missing info for the individual songs?

I searched through the forum and wasn’t able to come across more info, so apologies if I just overlooked it.

You should use the Acoustid to check for duplicates. The best is to use the Acoustid and MB Recording ID. The Recording ID alone is too uncertain, because in MB two different songs often have the same recording ID. That two songs have the same Acoustid is quite unlikely, but can be possible (for example, a song that a singer sang in two (or more) languages.

No this is incorrect, MB Recording ID is unique for a particular song, two different songs cannot have the same MB Recording ID. However if it is the exact same song it can appear on multiple albums, in this case the MB Recording ID is the same, but the MB Track ID will be different for each album, and of course they will have different MB Release ID. Logically MB Track ID is a composite of MB Recording ID + MB Release ID, we do not refer to it so much in Jaikoz because it was only added to MusicBrainz more recently.

When looking for duplicates you need to consider if the same is found on two different different albums (e.g original release and compilation) if you would consider that a duplicate or not, in other woreds ar eyou looking for duplicate albums or duplicate songs ?

If duplicate albums (which is usually what people want), then use a n option like It has same MB Id and Release ID as other Song, but if only interested in songs use It has same Mb Id as another song. Then you can addtionally use an option that includes an Acoustid to tighten up the matching because two songs will only have the same acoustid if they are sonicaly the same (although as you mention in rare cases completeley different songs have same id so acoustids shoudnt be used on their own).

So Autocorrect Songs from MusicBrainz tries to identify your songs in MusicBrainz, if it can clearly identify the matching album it will add MB Recording ID and Release ID plus all the new metadata it gets from MusicBrainz. If it can identify the song but cannot work out which is the correct album because it can find no album that matches the group of songs completely then it will only add MB Recording ID and song metadata but not album metadata, this is known as Song Only matching

You use Update Metadata from Existing MusicBrainz ID or Release ID to update songs you have already matched from MusicBrainz with the latest data from MusicBrainz, it doesnt do the inital matching that is done by Autocorrect Songs from MusicBrainz. So it seems like Jaikoz was not able to find a (full) match for those songs.

But if you have a group of songs that you know does match a MusicBrainz album then you can force the match by first highlightiing just those songs (or using the Column Browser (View/Show Column Browser) to filter so just those songs are showing, then use Action:Match to Album:Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album and enter the MusicBrainz Release Id. That will force Jaikoz to match your songs to that album overriding a few checks that may have prevented match from working before.