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How long left on my Subscription?


Is there an easy way to find out how long I have left on my subscription? Also, am I able to purchase additional support with the discount code advertised at the moment and have this added on when my subscription ends?


Hi, select the About option and you can see expiry as Free Version Updates Expires

and yes if you purchase before expiry, it is added on when current expiry end

I’ve loaded up but it is missing my email details and licence key and is asking me to register for Lite licence or input the original licence keys. Where will I find those now?


On a Melco server you don’t just get a Lite license like you do on Windows, Linux ecetera, instead you get a Melco Lite and this additionally let’s you use Fix Songs task in a limited form.

We used to just create a Lite license for you, but now with SongKong 9 onwards we require an email address and then the license will be sent there, the old Lite license that was autocreated is no longer valid.

But if you had already purchased a full Melco license then you should just have to reagree the license agreement, okay there is a bug that is unfortunately wiping out existing licenses, Im just fixing it now. The workaround is just to renter your license details.