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How long does it take to get a license? (PayPal)

I paid today, at 02:34:51 -0700 according to my paypal notice. I have instant SMS notification by my bank of any transactions, and it did indeed notify me of the transaction coming off my account.

It is now 09:13:00 -0700 I think (14:13 GMT-2), almost 7 hours later, and I still don’t have my license key.

Can you please have a look? I’d like to start using the software I paid for.

Waiting as well.

They are sent automatically but there can occasionally be problems with delivery. I you stil havent received it please email with purchase details.

I purchased Jaikoz Pro on 3/31/74 at 6:37PM. I have not yet received my license. Please provide ASAP. Thank You