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How fix/consolidate genres in different case eg Rock / rock

In Preferences:[Remote Connect > Discogs], I have:

  • Genre: Always add values: YES
  • From Discogs Genre then Style
  • Max no of Genres: 4

For some songs, following an auto-correct, in the Genre column, I sometimes I get the same Genre appearing twice: once in title-case (e.g. “Rock”) and again in lower-case (e.g. “rock”).

Is there any setting to automatically remove the lower case one where an identical title case one is (or would try to be) present? Or to regard them as identical (whatever) and consolidate to title case?

Okay I don’t think it is adding rock and Rock because it will only add values that are listed in Remote Correct:Correct Genres:Grey List

more likely that you already had rock and then it added Rock

You could perhaps set Remote Correct:Genres to Always Replace Values

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Probably my mis-reading of “Country rock” (sic) as two genres instead of (the correct) one.

I did the full auto-lookup, from scratch, to get the genres.
Maybe the online source deliberately put the 2nd word in that genre name in lower case
If so then awareness of that convention would help people like me from making that mistake.
However I notice other received genres have names like “Southern Rock” i.e. title-case.

So, for consistency with that, I’d like it to read: “Country Rock” i.e. similarly title-case.

I see your tip: set Remote Correct:Genres to Always Replace Values
However I can’t find that option.
in Remote Correct there is no Genres tab
Or did you mean Remote Correct:Correct Genres ?
But I can’t find any Always Replace Values option there either

Or did you mean Remote Correct:Discogs ?
Under there is option: Genre: , where I currently have Always Add Values
…and I can see there is another option: Always Replace Values

I am not clear what to do here, I just thought it best to accumulate as many genres as possible from both MusicBrainz and Discogs (at the very least to see what I’d be missing if I insisted on only one genre). Does that seem reasonable (ignoring support/not by other apps)? I understand (from websearching just now) that there is some “history” here - i.e. it used to be (until 2018) that Discogs had genres but MusicBrainz did not. Such “situational awareness” is new to me, as well as is Jaikoz and its options, so I am not “on firm ground”.

Yes I meant that option

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Thanks Paul.

I am confused what happens with those two options:

  • Always Add Values
  • Always Replace Values

If I choose Always Replace Values, as you suggest, what does that do? Does it mean: remove all values originally there, e.g. added by MusicBrainz with a fresh set (potentially) from Discogs? If so, why would one want to do that - are Discogs genres somehow better than MusicBraiz’s ones? Or am I misconstruing the purpose / motive for using this option?

I initially chose Always Add Values in the hope of getting the maximum info (set of genres for each file) out of the combination of MusicBrainz and Discogs genres. Is there a downside to doing that?

FYPI: Maybe the answers to my questions here could be a blog article? By yourself or my myself (not as an expert but from the unique perspective of someone on the learning curve) Just a thought.

Yes, it removes anything that is there to start with and replaces with ones from Discogs.

Discogs genres are much better than MusicBrainz ones

I suggested it thinking it would remove any genres that you didnt like, and then you can limit to the Genre list within Jaiioz

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Thanks Paul, and I have switched over to that now.

Not having “grown up with all this” I’m like an alien that’s just landed, and finding that there’s a lot for me to catch-up with. One step at a time.