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How does this work????/

So my understanding was the program listened to the music and identified an acoustic fingerprint to compare against the data bases.

As a base test I took 25 songs and removed various info randomly
title - artist -album etc ran Jaikoz and it corrected them all.

So I then took those 25 songs and deleted all the meta data and ran Jaikoz, it identified ZERO songs…>WTF?

By default when you are trying to match songs from the same folder Jaikoz assumes they are from the same album and only allows a match if can find an album that all songs match to. This is to prevent Jaikoz breaking up albums just because it can find matches for some of the songs.

There are exceptions if you are matching more than a 100 songs from one folder if Jaikoz cannot find a match assumes its a random folder.

Alternatively you can relax this behaviour by unchecking

Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album

this will give you matches as expected.

I had already unchecked that option. Simply
Put it is not recognising any of the songs

Okay please run Help:Create Support Files and email support the zip file that is created.

Hi, still waiting for support files so I can help you.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same behaviour and unchecked the mentioned option. What am I doing wrong?
Songkong keeps creating 1 song folder instead of grouping albums songs together.
I would simply like songkong to:

  • match and group as much album (artist/year/album name/artist name - title) or compilation (VA/Year/Album name/Artist name - Title) songs as possible
  • group single (1) songs together into one folder (Others/Artist name - Title)

I have been testing many options for a while now and cannot get it to work…

Please help :slight_smile:

edit: For additional info, I have added a multidisc (4) VA compil and songkong has separated it in Albums, singles & a few songs only VA compil folders (4) :frowning:

Have you actually enabled Rename files based on Metadata on the Basic tab because by default SongKong will add the metadata but not rename or move files as this can cause confusion.

I did. And still have single file album folders and separated VA compils folders for each songs…

-> support file created

I received your support files it seems you want the opposite to the initial request (which is for Jaikoz not SongoKong. The original request was to match random songs and not match to an album but isnt your requirement to match groups of songs to an album the complete opposite.

Generally disabling Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album is a bad idea.

so do I need to open a new case for my need then?

That would be best really to avoid confusion