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How do I check what data SongKong has imported into Roon for an album?

When you import an album into Roon it uses the metadata provided by SongKong to help identify an album, if it does identify the album then it may not show the SongKong metadata if you have Library:Import:Metadata preferences for albums set to Prefer Roon instead of Prefer Files. Since this is the default setting it is likely to be the case.

Even if you set Prefer File it is unclear which data comes from Roon and which comes from SongKong, so it is sometimes useful to tell Roon it could not identify the album just so you can see the SongKong only metadata.


  1. This album has been identified by Roon

  2. Select the Ellipse menu and then Edit

  3. Select Identify Album

  4. When it gives you a list of possibilities just select None of these look right

  5. It will take you to another page, ensure Use FIle Tag Info is set to Yes, and select None of these look right again

  6. It should now say there were No Matches and give option to Use Basic File Information, select it.

7.You’ll now just see metadata added by SongKong

  1. To reidentify just repeat but this time select the correct match.