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How create album folders based on metadata in Songkong

I tried various settings to move songs stored in one folder to Album/Artist/Song structure.
I managed to tag all songs but I cannot force Songkong to move the tagged songs to structured folders.

I checked forum and I am a bit confused if Jaikoz and Songkong are the same software.
I found answers related to Jaikoz but I cannot see the same options/actions to replicate and do what I want to do - Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct SubFolders from Metadata.

If these are two different software I would recommend put a switch to allow search only for related to purchased product content.

From information that I read before purchase I understood that Songkong can organize music in folder structure but I do my best and all music is only tagged. If is moved than to the same one folder structure - not album/artist/track - song.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or I shall do but not doing?

I selected base folder with my files. I selected folder where to move the songs. I selected mask for Plex. I selected to move everything if song is being moved. I didn’t select to rename only part and I didn’t select preview only. On start program again adding tags but is not placing moved songs in structured way, just everything into selected move folder.

Please help

Hi, the Move Folder changes the Base Folder to the selected Folder, but it doesnt affect the subfolders after that. That is done by modifying Rename files based on metadata on the Basic tab


then it will use the rename mask/compilation rename mask you have selected on the File Naming tab

Jaikoz and SongKong are two different products, you can search for topics about just one by selecting the category and then searching