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How can i install SongKong on my QNAP TVS1282

How can i install SongKong on my QNAP TVS1282

Okay, so the short answer is-

Install Docker
Search for /ijabz/songkongdocker image
Download and Launch image in a Container
Ensure share network with NAS and mount Music folder

but this is a work in progress.

I just have this working on a Synology 218+ , by the end of next week I should have fixed a couple of glitches and have proper install instructions. This method should then work for any NAS that supports Docker and that should include your particular QNAP NAS. But please note Docker is currently only available for Intel based NAS so this would not work for NAS’s that use PowerPC or Arm based chips such as many of the lower cost Synology NAS machines.

We will create a native package instead for such machines unless there is chance of ARM based Docker becoming available for Synology soon, will have to research the situation regarding QNAP.

Hi, so its not officially released yet but I can now confirm we have SongKong working very nicely on a Synology 218+ and performing just as speedily as on my PC. It should work on any Intel based Synology Disk Station and instructions are at

It should work for any Qnap that has Container Station (this includes some ARM processor models). So please take a look at and if you use this in conjunction with my Synology instructions you should be able to get it working.

I should have my own QNAP within a few days.

We now have SongKong available for QNAP and since TVS-x82 series is listed at one of the servers supporting Container Station then it should work with your TVS1282, please see for install instructions.


I installed Songkong on my qnap tvs1282 nas and followed the instructions on your website on how to install the container station and the latest intel songkong container. After i click create and the instance comes up, I am unable to see any music.

My music is located in in the … /Multimedia/Music folder. I also have a shared folder called music where everyone has read / write access and guest can access.

I’ve tried creating various containers and each container cannot see the music in the music folder. Can you help.


But did you map your music folder to /music as explained in step 13 of the instructions

By default Docker apps are isolated from the actual files on your nas they are running within their own virtual computer within the nas. So you have to explicitly map a real folder to the songkong /music folder for it to be able to see the contents.


Yes i did. I have a lowercase share for /music and i did enter the same thing that you have listed in step 13 of the install instructions and its not showing the subfolder under music when i initially going into Songkong. I can show you in filestation that i have a share defined for music with everyone read/write and then my actual music is located in …/multimedia/music on the server. In filestation and in windows i can see the music folder when i browse via windows or via filestation.

Can you let me know when you are available for a teamviewer session? I can install it and start a remote session with you. I am on the US east coast in eastern time zone.


Before we do that could you please email

  • Screenshot of SongKong
  • Screenshot of QNAP folder config for this container, found as follows:
    • In ContainerStation select Containers (last item on left hand side)
    • Click on songkong
    • Select Settings
    • Select Advanced Settings
    • Select Shared Folders
  • Run Create Support Files from the Songkong menu (this willl send me your log files).

Support file sent. Please let me know next steps.

Please view the following links for the screen prints requested:


Issue is on last screen print above is that its not showing me all the subfolders under /music in Songkong. I showed via the screen print that i did of filestation that their are numerous folders - subdirectories under /music on server.


Please let me know via Eastern Standard Time in U.S. what time you can be available for a Screen share support session (any time Friday night 11/16, Saturday, or Sunday. Please send me a link to the screen share program you want to use via email (like Webex, etc.)



Details sent.

IS 5.11/Dry the latest for QNAP?


No, it should be the the latest version 5.13, if you are getting 5.11 please try redownloading the image.

I am currently having the identical issue as the OP, were you able to figure this out?

It was a permissions issue but we didnt solve it. Could you try songkong/songkongdockerdev image instead. This is same as standard songkong docker build except I don’t specify a user, therefore I think this means it runs as root and therefore should have full file access.

Since only the administrator can install/run SongKong it seems reasonable to allow that to run as root rather than trying to solve the problem of getting correct uids/gids and adding to these songkong.

The effect is essentially the same, since with a songkong user the customer would be attempting to give songkong access to write to music files without giving it to non admin users of the qnap. So whether using songkong or root the aim is when running songkong have access to all files. Access to what music files songkong has access to is already controlled by the mapping of the /music folder. Hence using a songkong user would only have the effect of controlling access to a subset of files within /music folder and I cannot see a usecase for this at all.

Of course, this does mean when songkong is running anyone could use webbrowser to change any files under /music, but this is the case anyway if songkong user was given permissions to /music folder anyway, so there is no change. But I will additionally introduce simple password access to songkong front end itself -

I have now rebuilt songkong/songkong and songkong/songkong-arm32 so that they run as root and this should resolve permissions issue. I have now hidden songkong/songkongdockerdev since it is now no different to standard images.

I was able to resolve the issue notated above by running the sonkong docker container as root. He is my docker create statements:

sudo docker create --name songkong
-e PUID=0
-e PGID=0
-e TZ=“America/New_York”
-p 4567:4567
-v “/share/appdata/songkong”:/config
-v “/share/music/Music”:/music
-v “/share/music/library”:/library