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Horrible start to my Jaikoz Pro experience. How do I recover or am I missing something?

I purchased Jaikoz several years ago, but never really used it. Due to my song usage workflow, I decided to come back to it and yesterday purchased a Jaikoz Pro license. Everything has gone downhill since. Current/ongoing problems are:

  1. I paid the 50 dollars for the Pro license thinking I was good for a year of use and upgrades, only to have the app open up and say my license upgrade period had expired and I used up all upgrade ability, and I could only use the software in view only mode until I paid for a 1-3 year upgrade. WTF?? I JUST paid $50, assuming I was good for a year. Am I wrong on that?
  2. I emailed customer support this morning explaining my situation, but I?m about to travel and wanted a ?cleaned up? music library to take advantage of, so I paid begrudgingly for an updrade so I could use the program.
  3. Things appeared to go fine in regards to scrubbing files, adding lyrics (manually), and saving files out, but I?m having problems: File names looked updated/changed in Jaikoz, but after saving, they didn?t change. Huh? Also, all lyrics were saved fine in the program but when I upload the files to my DAP, the files play but no lyrics. Again, huh?

It?s been a day and I haven?t heard back from customer support after sending them multiple emails today. Not freaked about that; I realize it takes time, but I work in software for a Silicon Valley ERP business; I?m NOT a software newbie, and I just don?t get what?s going on with the functionality shortfalls, not to mention being pushed to purchase an upgrade right after paying for a new license.

Not trying to be negative but I?m really feeling a bit ripped off. Reading online I know people love this program so I?m hoping all issues above can be solved with some troubleshooting. Hoping to hear back from customer support soon.

Hi sorry for delay, I am on vacation

The issue is that as you already had a license (from 2013) you didnt need to purchase a new pro license, only a version update period, and Jaikoz was picking up your old license that had expired not the new license that you had bought but not installed, so I have now refunded your $50 payment.

Regarding filenames, are you sure you are not confusing song metadata (tiles, album etc) with filenames. By default Jaikoz does not modify the filename when it fixes the metadata as this can mess up playlists etc, but you can do this easily with the Rename SubFolder/Filename from Metadata tasks.

Lyrics can be stored as unsynchronised or synchronized, synchronized require timestamps, so i guess your DAP is expecting synchronized ?