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Highlighting songs in one view doesn't appear when I change views

For example, I’m often changing between the MusicBrainz view layout and the Info layout. If in the MusicBrainz layout I highlight rows of songs by using the far left numerical column, when I switch to the Info fields, I’d like to see the rows still highlighted.

At the moment I have to memorise the range/s of highlights I’ve made in the MusicBrainz layout and then re-apply the same row highlights when I’m back in the Info layout.

Can this be done at the moment? Am I missing something?

No, selection is independent.

So usually someone would only select row numbers to then perform a particular task, i.e save selected rows so I’m struggling to work out why you would select rows on one tab and then switch to another tab without actually performing task on those selected rows ? I need some good reasons to implement a change.

If you switch back to the previous tab the selected rows are still selected so at least you can check back if forget.

I sympathize with the remembering details issue, one reason I created Jaikoz with the split view option was to avoid that issue

I often find myself in a Tab other than ‘Info’ having highlighted a number of either consecutive rows or non-contiguous rows based on a specific parameter or lack thereof. For instance after Song Konging and Jaikozing a whole bunch of songs, I’m often looking to see which albums don’t have a MB ID

I need to look back at the info screen to see what actual Album lines up with what I’m looking at under the MusicBrainz tab. This is where highlighting rows under MusicBrainz tab remaining when I switch to Info tab would be useful.

My workaround has been to show the Album column on the far LHS of my MusicBrainz tab, so I no longer need to do the tab switch and can go off to MB and manually try to find a match.

I think your workaround is the correct solution since there is no reason not to add the columns you need to a particular tab, it doesn’t have to be restricted to MusicBrainz fields on the MusicBrainz tab.