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Hi newcomer here,

A few thoughts on the songkongremote headless linux experience.

I have a collection of 4k+ tracks ripped over the last 25 years in many different formats. The classical CDs were ripped using EAC and pop using foobar2000, so tagging is adequate. I use feedb and musicbrainz.

I like the thought of having a one click solution if I could trust the tagging to cope with classical works and the depth of new material shown in the spreadsheet gives me a good opinion of the software.

My issue is that songkong stutters on my pc hardware. Its a 2014 thinclient which copes admirably with the NAS duties but cannot handle songkong. It force closed on me twice on reopening it.

I could set up a new music nas on a more powerful mac m1, but I dont want to dedicate it for server duties.

Do you suggest tagging on a powerful computer then transfer the well tagged files to the NAS?

I have been reading advice on classical music tagging - love the solutions available. That assistance is worth a lot, so I may return if I need help to use the minimserver to its best.

Hi, SongKong doesn’t need a particularly powerful computer. It would be helpful if you run Create Support Files from the Admin menu so I can maybe see what caused the failure.

But if you do have a newer more powerful computer than that would probably work better.

Hi Patricia. I have received your support files (I think - because you put in my email address rather than yours into Create Support Files).

So I can see some permissions errors in Undo Changes report, that is because these files have read only flags set.

From terminal the following would fix it

cd /media/music/Flac/DSD64
chmod 777 *

But I cant see any evidence of SongKong failing. In fact Fix Songs worked without error (in preview mode) over all your songs without error in just over an hour, so I’m not sure what you mean about SongKong stuttering.

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