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Help with the AcousticBrainz project

The AcousticBrainz project aims to crowd source acoustic information for all music in the world and to make it available to the public. This acoustic information describes the acoustic characteristics of music and includes low-level spectral information and information for genres, moods, keys, scales and much more

For SongKong and Jaikoz this means that soon we can add support for adding information such as the BPM to your songs. But for this to work well the AcousticBraina database requires a decent chunk of songs in the MusicBrainz database to have their audio analysed and submitted to the database, then SongKong/Jaikoz can simply lookup the information from the database rather than having to calculate it.

This is where we could do with your help, if you could download an AcousticBrainz client and run it over your collection this would really help with building the database. If you don’t have time to run it over your whole collection but could just run it over more obscure releases this would also be really useful, I summarise the steps here

thanks for any assistance you can give.