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Help please with older opera recordings

Hi Paul, having had significant benefits from getting songkong to fix my music collection I have started to look at particular issues in my Opera collection. I have just ripped a newly acquired CD: Donizetti - Anna Bolena conducted by Silvio Varviso on the Decca Eloquence lablel. This was a 1968 recording first published on a Decca LP SET 446-49.

Songkong found the recording but the tagging is not correct.
I have the CDs and the booklet and thought I would hand edit the tagging using Jaikoz but am not having much luck so far. I have two issues:

My preference is the have the albumartists as per the cover and the track artists for the singer of that track. This is not quite “correct” yet but can edit by hand with help please.

My second preference has been to number tracks for the whole work from beginning to end. Again I know this is not correct but what SK has given me is a recording which, although I have numbered the track as always, in this case 1 to 46, when playing from minimserver plays all tracks 1 and then all tracks 2 as though each CD had been numbered in turn.

Please can you help.

I need more detail to help, please run Create Support Files

Hi Paul,
I have sorted it out myself for now using EasyTag. I shall wait until I find another good example and proceed one step at a time withSupport Files. Don’t need to take your time now.
Many thanks again.

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