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Help defining an output destination for SongKong

If there is a way to specify the destination folder for SongKong output? If so, please tell me how to do this.
Otherwise, my music file is on a network drive inside a Naim Uniti Core and it looks like the SomgKong default is to output its changes to the same folder as the input. I do not want to SongKong to overwrite my input file? And there is no provision for a file in the same location as the input. Since I can see no way to direct SongKong output I started a copy operation to do what SongKong seems to want, which is to put the desired input file into a folder where it can also output its changes. Unfortunately the Windows copy encountered album or track titles with file names that exceed the maximum allowed. My music file is rather large and the copy operation was forecast to take 20 hours. At the end of approximately 20 hours the copy operation failed due to file names that exceeded the 256 max characters allowed by Windows. How do I find these records so I can edit them and create an input file for SongKong? Or, better, back to my original question, is there a way to specify the destination folder for SongKong output?

Hi no SongKong modifies the files themselves, it does not offer an option to make a copy. So if you want it to work on a copy you would need to make a copy of your Naim drive, maybe Naim have a backup facility you could use for this instead of using Windows ?

If you want it to work on a copy simply to check the results first you could run SongKong with Preview Only enabled then you can see the results in the report without files actually being modified.