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Having Issues with Jaikoz 11.1.0

I seem to not be able to do anything at all and I am not sure if it is something I need to delete on my end. It’s freezing and this error comes up (see attached screenshot) every time I attempt to load any music files. This wasn’t happening before and I am clueless to resolve this or understand the error message. I uninstalled and reinstalled after restarting and the error message still returns. Prior to restarting and reinstalling, it seemed to freeze and would not allow the closing of the program without task manager. This was not necessary a minute ago.

Edit: I seemed to get it working again, but the order of columns does not seem to save from one use to another once closing and reopening even when I save preferences. Is there any way to fix this. Otherwise this will drive me absolutely bonkers. Additionally, it froze upon first use, but now it’s not.

(NB: the old issue I was having that we discussed for a very long time with the previous release seems to have resolved itself, thankfully.)


I think you just need to run Advanced:Empty Cache, should have happened automatically after update but sometimes doesnt seem to.

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Thank you. I will try that. I appreciate the help.