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Grouping, and Group Tag

I have just purchased SongKong Pro and find it an excellent tool. I have trouble, however, with two tags, namely Grouping and Group. I want to have both empty, however whist it is possible to insert a rule under Format to prevent Grouping from being populate, SongKong still copies that information into the Group tag, which I needed to remove separately manually. Otherwise my UPnP media players show the information in a wrong manner, and many of my albums get scattered.

Would it be possible to control the Group tag directly in SongKong, alongside Grouping?

Many thanks!

Hi, I guess you mean MinimServer uPnP ?

You can control Group but it is all called MinimServer Group in the user interface, simply because we only support this field for the benefit of MinimServer to make it clearer what this field is for as Im not aware of any other application that uses this field.


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