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Great Job

I just purchased the software after trying the program on a large group of mp3’s that have been in my collection for almost 7 years. I cannot believe at how well it took care of the work I never felt was worth bothering with and I had not listened to the folder due to the disorganization for some time. Great job on this and thanks for providing a product that has met my expectations and beyond. The ease of use is and accuracy so far makes 20 dollars seem for less than what you could be charging. Thanks for your contribution to the music community and for saving me hours of work.

I don’t have anything to add, but just wanted to say thank you as well - I was in the same boat, and now have nice, neat mp3s to listen to thanks to you and jaikoz. Definitely keep up the good work! $20 feels about right - I hope you sell a lot of copies and development continues.

I’d like to add my praise as well.
I have been waiting of a program like this for years. It does a very good job of automatically detecting my music and makes it easy to scan through the table and fix any problems Jaikoz couldn’t fix. And the amazing number of configuration options are great. I can set it up to automatically do pretty much anything I need.
Well worth the money.

Thanks Paul.

Thank you Paul… …Jaikoz works great!

Jaikoz is right now my fave tagger for Mac. It even lets you choose the ID3 format! wonderful indeed.

It is very useful and reliable software that automatically detect my music and it also makes easy to scan through the table and fix any problems. thank you for also explanation the more benefits feature of this software

Count me in! This program is GREAT!

I am still learning how to use it, but it has done an amazing job so far and it’s all pretty much automatic.

Nice job Paul.

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Un trabajo muy bueno! Great job!