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Genres in MB?

Under Action>Remote Correct there’s an item called “Submit MusicBrainz Genres”. Can someone show me where there are genres in MB, I’ve been looking everywhere.

They are called tags in Musicbrainz, and can be attahced to a recording, artist, release or release-group

Ah, no wonder I never saw them… not a very large percentage have them.

On a similar note: I’ve been tagging genres and I’ve been putting the genre (following allmusic) in the first field in the genre tag and the styles in the subsequent fields in the same genre tag. Should these have gone in the Tags tag?

I’ve been looking around and have seen a small demand for a Styles tag, and it seems that a couple taggers/players support them. Is there anything in the future for this (not Jaikoz, but ID3 in general)?

I’ve been playing with XBMC and it looks like it has the capability to look at a styles tag, but I’m a complete n00b so I could be very mistaken. But it is looking at all the genres as separate entries, so that’s semi-good news.