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Genre Manager

I made the mistake of allowing Discogs to go genre nuts on my collection.
Now I have as many genres as I have songs!

I gave me the idea of a genre normalizing function. Essentially an auto correct and downsizing of genres. . It would scan through all your genres and search and replace based on both standardized naming convention and broader genre category.

You would set the granularity of genre you desired reflected in the total number of genres (e.g. 5 10 25, 50, or 100 genres). The more specific genres would be changed to their broader category. So if you selected 5 or 10, all your rock-blues, album rock, hard rock would all be changed to “rock” As newer genres come into usage, the “translation” file can be edited to include them. Even a user defines list is possible.

I used to not care about genre at all, but the larger my collection gets, the more I have come to rely on genres.

Seems to me this could be a pretty awesome “pro” feature. I have found nothing out there specially geared to managing genres.

Another thought is to alphabetize multiple genres or use a predefined preferential sorting list so each genre of a multiple genres list will always appear in the same order :

Rock / Pop / Blues-Rock
Pop / Rock / Bluesrock
Blues/Rock/ / Pop/ Rock

would all be changed to the same:
Rock / Pop/ Blues-Rock
to make column sorting and editing easier