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Genre Cleanup

I saw a post from around 2018 where a discussion went around “genre normalizing function” that was planned for future releases of SongKong (…or was it Jaikoz?).

It would be helpful if genre like e.g.
Pop Rock
could be all merged. Is that something still on your list for future releases?

Thanks a lot.

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…no one?

+1 for that. Plus maybe a mapping for artist > genre. I know this won’t be coorrect in 10 percent of all cases, but it would fit the rest and make live so much easier.

+1 Yes, that would be nice

Hi, so for SongKong you can already merge different genres provided by Discogs

e.g If you add this to the genre mapping then any of the genres on the left handside will be stored as just Metal

Black Metal;Metal                  
Goth Metal;Metal                  
Doom Metal;Metal

But this only affects genres added by Discogs, not genres you may have added manually

The Artist genre is a good idea, both these feature should make into Jaikoz.

I made a complete re-run in order to have a proper view on genres. Issue was that neither my Melco nor my SongKong Docker implementation on unRAID was able to rework the entire music library.

Workaround was to move all files into subdirectories. Anything starting with “A” e.g. Aerosmith, ACDC, Air… went into that A-share. Afterwards I started a SongKong re-run on Genres against Discogs DB on A, B, C… shares - one by one.

My question is how to modify the new defined Genres. Example: I have 8 albums in Abstract (…what Genre is that???). There is no one Genre in my view for these examples in Abstract:
Burial / Burial
Danny the dog / Massive Attack
My life in the bush of ghosts / Brian Eno & David Byrne
Strange Cargo / William Orbit

Is it better to modify these entries manually?

I think so , genres is very subjective and there is no great definitve source.