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Functionality queries

I’m assessing Jaikoz and was unable to find a few things I need and would like clarification please;

  1. Is custom delimiters supported?
    As I follow discog genre/styles I use a semi-colon because commas are used in the genre “Folk, World, & Country”.
  2. Can it be preferenced for all cover art to be removed from files and only written to album folders?
  3. Can discog styles be written to a style tag and not grouping?

Many thanks

HI, thanks for your interest,

No, currently multiple genres/styles adding to the grouping field are separated by comma. By I agree that it would be better to separate by semicolon and I made that change to our SongKong tagger recently, and plan to make the change to Jaikoz as well.

It is my view that it is always better to add artwork to the audio files themselves so then you dont have problems if files are moved.So Jaikoz always adds artwork to the audio files, and can only additionally save to album folder if the artwork is in the files.

But there is an easy workaround for you:

  • Run Jaikoz as normal to add artwork to files and album folders
  • Right click on Artwork column header and select Empty Column
  • This will delete artwork in files without affecting album folders
  • File/Save Changes to actually save changes to the files

No, they can only be written to genre and grouping fields, I don’t currently support being able to create your own custom fields but it is something keen to add.

Thank you for the clear and concise responses. The inability to change the delimiter to semi-colon is a show stopper for me currently, so I will have to wait for this addition.

The other points are less critical, I agree the cover work around suggestion will work, albeit inconveniently, a preference switch for this would be ideal IMHO. I agree with the importance of storing info in the files but not for images. Some of my cover art can be 5MB, so it seems pointless to add this to every file and consume unnecessary disk space for no gain.

I have another workaround for you

  • So we start of with Grouping using using a comma to separate values

  • But we can easily Use Find and Replace as follows

  • To give us

Well its not pointless because it means you artwork will not get lost if you move or rename your files, its also give better compatability since some players wil understand embedded artwork but not file artwork. If these advantages are of no advantage to you you can remove the artwork as described, however it is unlikely I will change Jaikoz to bypass writing them to the music files because then it makes the logic of working out if songs already have artwork and the related options more difficult.

The find/replace idea could only be used but not for genres containing commas, eg. “Folk, World, & Country” is one genre.

The image art removal is not a show stopper, as I can script a secondary solution to remove them.

That is true, I mean there are ways round that if you dont have many such genres such you could first of all find and replace Folk, World, & Country with Folk$World$& Country , then find and replace the bulk with , ->;, then find and replace to set Folk$World$& Country to Folk; World; & Country , but then it starts to get more cumbersome