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Full Album File Processor

Load a Full Album File to be Dissected to ndividual songs.

Can I have more detail about his idea please ?

GM Paul. The idea is simple. To Load a downloaded music file of an entire album which could then be cut up into individual songs, presumably using the Accoustic id/fingerprint as the metadata. I’ve already run a few full albums through JMan (program nickname), but I get Album Name, Artist Name & Cover Art (sometimes). Think it’d be cool if Jaikoz could dissect each individual song automatically as I use a 3rd party Application for this presently. I’m sure you are close as it is, maybe just a little tweaking? All in all, JMan is the best purchase this music-lover has ever made!!

Oh I see, the whole album is just one single mp3. This would require Jaikoz actually editing the audio data and converting one file into N files. To be honest I think this out of scope for Jaikoz we don’t do any form of Audio editing and it would be a big job to do this accurately.

So sorry I think its unlikely.

Couldn’t hurt to ask. Think big or go home right? Thanks for the quick reply. I’ma research this, and maybe I come up with some answers. If I do, I’ll let you try my program for free. Have a great day man.