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FR: Compare local vs. server data, let us choose which to replace

Idea that I think would be awesome:

Instead of customizing the matching options (which fields to replace, which to ignore, etc), perhaps Jaikoz could just grab all the field data from the server, display it in the editing window, and highlight the non-matching fields in a different color (similar to Picard).

  • light / dark orange for minor / major MB differences
  • light / dark blue for minor / major Discogs differences.
  • purple when a user elects to replace local with remote data.

The users may then replace (update) data by rows, columns, or selected fields.

This way we don’t have to worry about customizing things like “ok, this time i want to replace the year, label, artwork, but i have the sort artist / album just the way i like it - so i want to skip those”… and so on.

All they have to do is select some / all tracks and click “update”. This pulls and overlays the remote metadata. After the data is updated, the user can scan through the highlighted changes in the edit window, select the desired updates, and click / right-click “Apply Update [from MB or Discogs]” or something like that.

This seems more flexible and user-friendly to me.

Other components:

– In the Details window, display the original and server data for comparison.

– Let us “lock” fields (turn grey) so even if someone selects “update column from Musicbrainz” it will skip the locked fields in the column.