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Foreign music

Hi there, I am looking into purchasing your software, but I have a question first. About 50% of my music collection (~30gb-ish) is foreign music from all over the world.

My tags are really messed up and I am way too lazy to fix it all. I have a lot of european music, a lot of japanese music, korean stuff, some Indian stuff… etc… does Jaikoz work well for foreign music too?

I know I can try with the free trial, but I was wondering how well this tends to work in your opinions.

edit: Is it also possible to have the program rename the actual mp3 files and put them in libraries according to demand (like per artist or album, etc.?


Hi, yes it works with foreign music, the Musicbrainz database has an extensive database of all styles from all places. Having said that predictably coverage of US/UK English speaking popular music is better. It would probably be best to try it out for yourself to see what results you get.

Yes, you can use Action/File and Folder/Correct/Correct Subfolders from Tags and Correct Filename from Tags. This is not configured by default in the Autocorrecter but can easily be added in Preferences : Manipulators : Autocorrecter

That is good that this software not only support for the local music but for the foreign music also. Is there any package to purchase this music that it is very hard to pay at one step the whole payment

How can I make it automatically correct roman to kana/kanji titles? Right now, I do one manually for each album, then copy the titles and fix the rest. (although some instrumental version tracks are chosen wrong)

This depends on the Musicbrainz database and whther they have been added with roman or kanji titles. The only transaltion done in Jaikoz is artist name to roman if foreighn script (Preferences/Musicbrainz/Format/Translate foreign artists names to english where possible