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Force English Titles from AcoustID?

Just starting with Jaikoz and so far I’m liking it.

Couldn’t find an answer to this in the forums, sorry if I missed it. But can I force AcoustID/Musicbrainz to return only English results for Track Titles?


My track was originally labeled with the English title (Crystal) which is listed in the user submitted data, but when I asked to AutoCorrect from MusicBrainz server it populates with the Japanese title with no obvious way to choose the English instead (via autocorrect).

I’ve seen that I can do this if I choose to manually correct via MusicBrainz, but is there an option I’m missing to force it to always choose English?

Not in this case, yet. If you click on the link it only lists one proper release and that is the Japanese version, but there is also a Psuedo-release that lists the tracks in English. Jaikoz currently ignores pseudo-releases, but MusicBrainz is introducing a replacement for psuedo-releases that we will support.

Because there is a link from acoustid to MusicBrainz we ignore Acoustid user-submitted data as this is less reliable and has not been verified.

Related to this.

You can force to always use English artist name i.e Yoh Yamazaki rather than ??? by enabling Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Romanize non Latin script artist names whenever possible

You can encourage Jaikoz to match to UK/US releases by setting as preferred country in Preferences:Remopte Correct:Match:{Prefrerred Country of release

Thank you!