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Folder renaming


I am having a issue on renaming my folders.Using autocorrector it dosent rename the folder to:

Artist Album

I presume its possible to do this I just cant find how…

I have just acquired a Nas and a 3tb drive to put my music into one place.I found that my success rate on tagging before was 89% on my collection which is great.This time I want to get it all perfect even have untagged albums in the own section to make it easier to check or to add to musicbrainz…

If you mean


that is the default subfolder mask but my default files are not moved or renamed in the autocorrecter, you just have to add the task to the autocorrecter in Preferences:Manipulators:Autocorrecter

Thanks for this thread my friend since I too was having the same problem of not able to find time with renaming folder