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Folder rename question

I like to fetch the original year to display for the folder mask, but many non-compilations have differing dates which causes multiple folders to appear. Is there a way to fetch only one date to display for the folder, preferably the date with the preponderance of equal values?


(1993) Before These Crowded Streets [BMG-07863 67660-2]
(1998) Before These Crowded Streets [BMG-07863 67660-2]
(2001) Before These Crowded Streets [BMG-07863 67660-2]

In this instance 1998 has 9 titles (the majority), while 1993 and 2001 have 1 each. I’d like to only fetch 1998 for all titles so they appear in one folder:

(1998) Before These Crowded Streets [BMG-07863 67660-2]

I’m sure there’s a logical statement for this.


Btw, this is my current folder mask:

function ifnotempty2(value1,value2,sep){
return value1.length > 0 ? value1 + sep :value2.length > 0 ? value2 + sep:’’ ;

function ifnotempty(value){
return value.length > 0 ? value :’’ ;

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,folderseparator) + (originalyear.length>0 ? ‘(’ + originalyear.substring(0,4) + ‘) ’ :(year.length>0 ? ‘(’ + year.substring(0,4) + ‘) ‘: ‘’)) + ifnotempty(album) + ifnotempty(’ [’ + label) + ifnotempty(’-’ + catalogno + ‘]’) + folderseparator

nvm, I think I’m asking something that isn’t possible since folder rename is based solely on individual files’ metadata. Thanks though

Hi, the problem is the metadata matching step. If you have 11 songs from one album they should usually be matched to the same instance of the album, im not clear if that is the case here or not, but if not you can just load the eleven songs into Jaikoz (or select them) and then use Match to Album:Match Songs to one MusicBrainz Album. Also you could just simply fix the originalyear field.