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Folder name and part of file name, are copied to Jaikoz field

I started with audio files without metadata. After running Auto Correct, I got the result as in the picture below.

Notes on this result:

  • I have specially selected the used audio files, to show what can happen under certain circumstances. (From a test with 135 audio files, nine of them had results like the above results.)
  • I guess that the values for Artist have been copied from the beginning of the file name. This is most apparent in the fourth song.
  • The values for Title have been copied from the last part of the file name.
  • The values for Album have been copied from the name of the folder containing the audio files.
  • The song by The Brothers Four, was actually mismatched in MusicBrainz to a song (with the same title) by Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen. Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen is both in the Tag Browser and in the Album Artist field. (Perhaps an earlier value in the Artist field, has been replaced by the correct artist name from the filename.)
  • The other four songs were matched correctly in MusicBrainz.
  • The task Correct Metadata From Filename is not in the list of my Autocorrector Tasks.
  • All songs with this issue, have a MusicBrainz Id and an Acoustid, but do not have a Discogs Id. It seems that all songs without this issue, have a Discogs Id.

I am not sure whether these results show bugs or features.

If audio files are in folders that have real album names, copying such a folder name to the Album field, when no other album info is available, may be a good idea. Otherwise, I would prefer an empty Album field.

If there is a correct match in MusicBrainz, copying Artist and Title info from a filename, does not make sense, because that info can be copied from MusicBrainz. Copying from a filename, is especially a problem, when a note has been added to that file name. Moreover, if there is a mismatch in MusicBrainz, this mismatch may be hidden by copying correct Artist and Title info from a filename (as with The Brothers Four song).

If some of the remarkable things in the above results, are meant to be features, then I would suggest to add two options to the preferences of Jaikoz: An option to prevent Jaikoz to copy from folder names to Album fields, and another option to prevent Jaikoz to copy from file names to Artist and Title fields.

Above, I ran Auto Correct, consisting of many Autocorrector tasks. That is not a smart idea, when the issue may be with just one Autocorrector task. So I ran individual tasks from the Action menu, to identify the task that results with the issue. Before running each individual task, I reloaded the audio files in Jaikoz.

I ran Autocorrect Metadata from Discogs. Result: “Successfully matched 0 songs to Discogs”. No change. So no issue with this.

I ran Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz. Result: “Matched 5 songs to MusicBrainz Release successfully”. The issue turns out to be in this task. See the image below.

This time, the issue does not occur with the Del Fuegos’ song. This could be explained by changes in my preferences since I ran Auto Correct above.

Conclusion: The issue occurs with the Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz task.

Sorry @Ben Im not really grasping what the problem is, can you just spell it out for me in one sentence.

Sorry for being unclear.

When Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz finds a match for a song in MusicBrainz – I want Jaikoz to place values derived from that match in MusicBrainz, in the Artist, Title, and Album fields of that song.

In such a situation:

  • I do not want Jaikoz to copy a part of the filename of that song, to the Artist field of that song.
  • I do not want Jaikoz to copy another part of the filename of that song, to the Title field of that song.
  • I do not want Jaikoz to copy a folder name, to the Album field of that song.

So, in such a situation, I want info that is derived from MusicBrainz to appear in the Artist, Title, and Album fields – and not info that is derived locally from a file name or folder name.

Added later: More in general, regardless of whether or not there is a match for a song in MusicBrainz or Discogs: I would like that Jaikoz would not copy info from a file name or folder name to a tag – or that it would be possible to prevent such copying in the preferences of Jaikoz.

Although this happens when you run Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz I expect if you check the MB Track Id, MB Recording Id and MB Release Id these will all be blank because the song has not actually been matched to MusicBrainz.

Instead I think you are seeing a side effect of Jaikoz using the filename to try and guess some metadata to help it find a match to MusicBrainz, but it failed to find a match but the temporary data it added to artist/album/title fields remain. This is a bug and I will raise an issue.

Bug raised (issue links now clickable for all) -

I ran Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz again. For all five songs, there is a real match with MusicBrainz. All of them have many MusicBrainz Id values (they all have a MB Track Id, a MB Recording Id, and a MB Release Id). The image below shows them for the Cher song.

Unlike earlier, when the issue also occurred with the Del Fuegos’ song – the Del Fuegos’ song is now the only of the five songs with a Discogs Id. If that is helpful, I can send you my support files.

Thats wierd, do you have Jaikoz configure not to update Album from MusicBrainz?
Support files would be useful.

In Preferences/MusicBrainz/Format, I configured Jaikoz to only modify Artist, Title and Album from MusicBrainz, if those fields are empty. If I remember this right, the same issue arises sometimes when configuring Jaikoz there to never modify Artist, Title and Album from MusicBrainz. I will send the support files.

Okay so that is the problem, Jaikoz is temporarily adding this data to find match and then it’s not getting replaced when find match because of your modify settings. I will add this info to bug report.

Fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.1 Released May 24th 2021