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Folder level imports 0 songs

I’ve been making very good use of Jaikoz for many years and have found it incredibly useful in managing my large digital music library.
I’ve been having an ongoing issue which has been reported to you a couple of times where the programme has required to be closed but I’m now having a more significant problem.
I’ve got my music stored by artist then by album. I’ve always been able to drag and drop from the former (or indeed a level above) and Jaikoz loads all songs. Now I find I have to go the lower level (ie album) to get it to load. If there is an album with more than one folder (I use Roon so prefer to have double albums shown as CD1 and CD2) again, I have to go to the lower level. If I drag and drop above this, I get 0 songs loaded.
I’m not aware of any changes I’ve made recently. I’m running the 11.5.1 version.
Are there any settings, either in Jaikoz or Windows that I could adjust to be able to open multiple folders as I’ve been used to doing in the past?

Whare you dragging from, Windows Explorer?

I assume it works okay if you use File:Open Folder with Jaikoz itself and select the top level folder?

Both methods produce same result, 0 songs added. Just tried to import folder named A quiet revolution:30 years of Windham Hill, which has four sub folders, CD1, CD2, CD3 + CD4. Adds 67 songs when added at latter level, 0 at folder level.

Okay try Advanced:Empty Cache and then retry

Emptied cache, relaunched Jaikoz, same result.
But… noticed Include Sub Folders when searching for Songs box was unticked. Tried again with box now ticked and importing back to normal.
Never paid attention to that option before, don’t know if I inadvertently unticked it or whether the default has changed in a recent update. Anyway everything working fine now.

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