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"Fix songs" details 1

I have been using SK for a few days now and am not yet happy with the various settings. My concern is the “Fix songs” function.

1.) I don’t like to have the following fields in my collection:
(attached you find the list of tags never to modify)

How can this be achieved?

2.) After fixing songs there are also the tags ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT, ACOUSTID_ID, SONGKONG_ID, ISRC
Which of those are needed for deletion of duplicate songs?

3.) In addition to the front cover, I would like to store an image of the album artist in the album folder. Currently both images are embedded in the song, the artist image is missing in the folder. How can I achieve exclusive storage of both images in the directory?

So these are the names used when write the fields to FLAC, they vary for different tagging formats. And they map to the following psuedo names

MB Work
MB Work Id
MB Release Group Id
MB Track Id
MB Work
Original Album Year

So they can all be added to the Never modify or add these fields list except MB Track Id because it is integral to how Fix Songs works, it identifies the track on the release that the song matches to

I wonder what is the problem having these fields in your collection, it certainly cannot be space because they take up very little room.

If you really wanted to you could delete MB Track Id afterwards using the Meta Grater task but this would cause problem with how Fix Songs and Delete Duplicates work.

Different fields are used depending on what you set Song is a Duplicate if has same to

But anything that includes Song Sounds the Same uses ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT and ACOUSTID_ID.

SONGKONG_ID is not used by Delete Duplicates but it is used by Fix Songs

ISRC is not used for Delete Duplicates

You cannot, the reason being that if you store the images in the file itself then they are portable whereas if you only add to the folder then if you move the songs but do not move the accompanying images they get lost, so if you elect to add find artwork we always add it to the files themselves. Additionally you can add cover art to the album folder, and album artist artwork to the album artist folder, I cannot see a good reason to be able to add the album artist artwork to each album folder.

Again if you really don’t want artwork to be in your music files you can remove them using the Meta Grater task

I understand the idea of handling images in SK,
although I am not really happy with it.
But I have another requirement:
As MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID is maintained by SK :slightly_smiling_face:,
is it possible to add/update the field MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID by the function FIX SONGS ?

I dont think I understand your question

Fix Songs adds that field when it identifies the album artist and can recognize the MusicBrainz Artist entity, and if the album artist changed for the matching album then it would modify this field