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Final SongKong Windows 32-Bit Version

Since SongKong 6.9 we no longer provide a version for 32-bit Windows, this is because we have now moved to Java 11 and that no longer provides 32-bit versions of Java. But if you can only use 32-bit applications the final 32-bit version available for SongKong is 6.8.2, and this is available from the following link:

unfortunatly the link is dead.
would you please provide a permanent links to the last working 32bit version.
thank you very much.

Hmm, sorry unfortunately no longer have it (checked local machine and server) , I cleared everything out to make more space and forgot about the 32-bit issue

Does anyone else have the installer for 6.8.2 ?

If so I will upload and make it available again.

paultaylor thanks for your effort and quick reply,

we’re dealing with music collectors, there has to be some .zip- or executable- collectors amongst us. Would be happy with any 32-bit Windows 6.x version (the higher the better of course).

The annoying thing is I have 6.9 onwards

I have 6.8 , were to upload?
And Jaikoz 10 32bit

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hi, thanks could you use dropbox and share them with

Yesterday done


Thanks, okay I have added the following pages to download these:

(and there are now links to these pages at the bottom of the main download pages)

very happy with your support paultaylor,
maybe someday somebody finds the lost 6.8.2 release as well, so i can go to legacys final frontier…