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Filtering on BPM

I am trying to create a walking playlist. In Windows, is it possible to filter on BPM=80? If so how would I do it?

All metadata fields are added to the files but Im not sure it is possible using Windows Explorer, With a plugin from ID-Tag I can see all the properties for a file (BPM labelled as Tempo here) but that doesn’t give any more search properties still limited to Album, Artist, Genre, Title…

But I am sure you could use a 3rd party application to create a playlist based on the BPM property

"exiftool -q -r -Artist -Album -Track -Title -BeatsPerMinute . " produces an output like:
Artist : Jethro Tull
Album : Rock Island
Track : 03/13
Title : Ears of Tin
Beats Per Minute : 128
and "exiftool -csv -q -r -Artist -Album -Track -Title -BeatsPerMinute . " the same in CSV table format. It should not be difficult to adapt the commands and search the output for the desired BPM values. Have a look at this “