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Filename components to metadata?

Hi, I am a new SongKong user with many files whose metadata is present only in the filename, in the form “artist-title” (sometimes with other stuff after that). This is high-confidence metadata (apart from spelling etc. differences), so I don’t want it overwritten etc.

Is there a way to get SongKong to turn this “filename-embedded metadata” into corresponding ID3 metadata? And to prevent it being overwritten? While permitting SongKong to use it for matching to obtain and insert further metadata?

Many thanks

Hi, filenames are not modified by default, just ensure Rename files based on metadata is set to No

SongKong will use the filename plus any embedded metadata plus Acoustids to help identify your music, it is very unlikely that SongKong will match to the wrong song, but probably the biggest way you can check the metadata against the filename is by using the View As Spreadsheet option

SongKong does not have an option to explicity transfer filename into metadata fields, but you can do this with Jaikoz

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Thank you, and indeed I have Rename files based on metadata set to No

I think you are saying it would be a sensible strategy for me to first process all the files (around 4000) to take artist & title from the filename (e.g. using Jaikoz), then afterwards run them all through SongKong. Just to be certain, is that correct?

It is reassuring to know if I am on the right path!

Hi, no I’m not really saying that

I’m saying just run it through SongKong and the results should be fine, but if you are worried you can double check by using View as Spreadsheet. I just mentioned Jaikoz in case you really want to copy the values from filename to the metadata fields or if SongKong is unable to match some files but I dont really think this should be necessary.

Ok Paul, thanks for that clarification.