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Feature suggestion:Different Field to store Extra Artists

In the Fix Songs config window, on the format tag, i would love to be able to choose a different field to put extra artists names into besides the title or artist fields. it would be awesome if those settings pictured were more flexible, for example allowing for the user to choose which tag field to fill with contributing artists info.

thanks for making such a great product. i regularly process 100k+ music files with song kong 64bit and it just plows through 'em like a champ. i tell anyone who will listen to me that they need this product in their lives :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your support.
I think this request falls into the category of custom fields/tagging - I have an enhancement issue that would cover this ( SongKong scripting/custom field support) and other situations where a customer wants to do something a little differently, and this would be more effective that adding a specific option for artist fields which I dont think many people would have use for, and would therefore clutter up the UI.