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Feature requests/questions new Jaikoz user


this weekend i invested in SongKong and Jaikoz. I have to say the tools are great and powerful. There are only a few features which would be great.

I am still in the learning phase, so it is possible the feature is already there, but i am missing it.

  1. Tag Browser:
    It would be great to customize the columns of the tag browser. I usually use Album Artist for filtering the albums which should be tagged. Artist is not appropriate for me, because if i select an artist it is often the case the album is not completely displayed (for example compilations).

  2. Display and modify all Tags which the file contains
    I have several custom fields. It would be great if they could be added as a column in the Edit Panel in order to display and modify them.

  3. Action: Delete all Fields except…[Fields to be defined by user]
    This would be very helpful to cleanup files from unnecessary tag fields in one action.

  4. In the settings it is possible to define fields, which musicbrainz never have to modify. If a manual matching is performed, this rule seems not be applied. Is this a bug?

Question (more related to SongKong):
In Jaikoz it is possible to define a Filename mask on your own. I could not find this feature in songkong. In songkong it is only possible to select from the pre-defined - correct?
As i am using both tool seperately it would be great to apply my own mask in both tools.

Thanks for support!

Best regards.

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ok, last topic regarding SongKong is solved - in the preferences it is possible to specify a filename mask.

Hi yes in SongKong you can create/edit masks under preferences. This is because SongKong has profiles, and masks can be used in any profile. SongKong and Jaikoz masks are now fully compatible (since Jaikoz 11).

They all seems like good ideas that currently are not possible. I am sure 1> and 2> have come up before but I couldn’t find an existing issue

Seems to be a bug

Thanks for the quick feedback and transparent communication!

HI Chris
I was just looking to fix this but actually it seems okay, if you add a field to MusicBrainz:Never Modify these fields it does not get modified when you run Manual Correct from MusicBrianz, so maybe you could recheck your problem.

Double checked and this one is working correctly so I have closed issue.